The Process


During your consultation, you’ll meet with Abbey, your designer. She specializes in wedding invitations and will work hard to make sure your vision comes to life! The direction you envision for your invitation will be determined based on your ideas and style when you fill out our information form. Fabric swatches and pictures are great sources of inspiration and a wonderful way to convey your vision. Be prepared to discuss the quantity you’ll be needing to order in so that an accurate quote can be produced for you. Meeting in person allows you to see samples of our custom work, however, thanks to modern technology, we have worked with couples from all over Wisconsin and the United States!


Following your consultation, you can send Abbey the wording of your invitation text and images if they will be used. Please see the links below for useful tools and forms regarding wording and templates. Once the proper text is received, the design process will begin. You will receive proofs via email, and at this time have the opportunity to make any necessary changes to the wording, graphics or overall design of your invitation. Changes are preferred via email as it reduces revision errors. Once your changes have been made, you will receive another round of electronic proofs. It is your responsibility to review and confirm that every design detail is to your satisfaction, including the spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Once you have approved the e-mail proof, a printed proof will be provided for you to see in person on the paper you selected. This is to ensure that everything lays out the way you have envisioned and to verify that the print color is correct. You will then be asked to give final approval of the printed proof with a signature and provide final quantities on the approval form. Be sure to carefully check your design files during every step of this process.  After signing the final approval, if you choose to reprint for any reason, you are responsible for all of the reproduction costs.


When you have given final approval, the printing and production process begins. This step will take anywhere from one day to two weeks. All of the printing and all of the finishing services such as cutting, scoring and folding are completed in-house.

Extra Information

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